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About general dentistry Services

Your healthy smile is our mission.

At Conscious Care Dental, we are proud of our commitment to quality dental care. Your oral health is our top priority. We offer a range of general and preventative services to ensure you are better informed of your dental options and leave with a healthy smile.

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist every six months for routine examinations. Regular preventive care includes regular dental exams, professional cleaning, good oral hygiene, and digital x-rays and overall health and wellness.

dental cleaning

Dental Exams & Cleaning

Routine dental exams every six months and teeth cleanings are important to maintain your overall dental health. We thoroughly examine your teeth and gums of the mouth for any signs of any oral problems like gum disease, cavities or tooth decay. X-Rays if needed (digital X-rays). If any issues are found, we can treat them quickly before they advance.

A regular dental cleaning helps to remove bacteria and from your mouth and prevent tooth decay. Detailed cleaning will remove any plaque or tartar that has built-up on the tooth’s surface and polish

White teeth fillings

Fillings & Sealants​

Fillings are used to replace decayed or damaged tooth structure. As a holistic dentist we utilizes bio-compatible white fillings, which are tooth-colored materials that are stronger, longer-lasting, and more aesthetically-pleasing for patients. These fillings will bond directly to the tooth and strengthen it by restoring most of its original shape. We provide sealants for children and adults. Dental sealants are a preventative treatment for molars used to protect the surfaces of teeth from damage. The sealant fills in the deep crevices where bacteria can gather and cause tooth decay. The sealant is applied as a thin coating to the surface of the tooth and takes the natural shape of the teeth grooves. It is then hardened. Sealants are durable and can last for many years, but as they wear away, they will need to reapplied.
Anonymous dentist making ceramic denture


Dentures are an option for people who have lost their teeth due to injury or disease. While they aren’t real teeth, dentures restore your confidence and can alleviate and reduce the pain of a lost tooth.

Dentures are designed to resemble your natural teeth in appearance and function, containing a flesh-like acrylic base that fits over your gums. The upper denture has a base that covers the roof of your mouth, and the lower denture is designed to accommodate the tongue.

Dr. Crane, DMD, at our Greenacres, FL location, has extensive experience customizing dentures to meet the unique needs of each patient’s mouth and ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Dentures, as with any new appliance, will take some adjusting as you get used to eating and speaking with them. 


Zirconia implants are ceramic dental implants that are a permanent solution to the loss of a tooth or teeth. Zirconia dental implants are durable, long-lasting metal-free dental implants that restore your smile with more natural, permanent solution to missing teeth.  

They can be used for patients who want a more natural look, or for patients who simply want to avoid having metal in their body and in the rare case of a titanium allergy.

Crowns & Bridges​

We fit ceramic restorations over or into your natural teeth. They can be used to strengthen fractured teeth or repair bad cavities and even broken teeth. They can be made to look exactly like your natural teeth or dramatically alter and improve their color, shape, or position.

Bridges won’t just make a smile look better, but they can prevent the shifting of teeth, fix bite problems, and ensure the strength and integrity of the surrounding teeth.

  • Fixed bridges are the most popular kind and consist of a filler tooth that’s attached to two crowns that will hold the bridge in place.

  • Bridges are commonly used to replace missing front teeth and work by using tooth-colored metal bands bonded to surrounding teeth.

  • Cantilever bridges use two crowned teeth that are next to each other on the same side of a missing tooth.

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