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About Holistic Dentistry

Conscious care for your whole health.

Holistic health and healing has been defined as the consideration of health including – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

We prefer to use the safest, least toxic approach to attain good results and effective treatments.

For example, we chose to stop using mercury fillings because of the known inherent toxicity. Instead, we have built expertise in composite fillings.  

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Mercury & Metal free dentistry

We have always been mercury free and place direct composite (white) fillings. All of our composites have a track record of being among the most biocompatible, least toxic, and durable filling materials on the market.

Metals are much more allergenic than we typically give them credit for. Some metals, like nickel may cause an overt reaction. And other metals, most notoriously mercury, can lead to other more insidious manifestations like malaise and other vague and varied symptoms.

For people who have a titanium allergy or are more conscious of metal in their body, we offer zirconium and ceramic options.

Many dentists today offer the removal of mercury fillings. However, there are benefits to receiving treatment from a holistic dentist. Dr. Crane uses SMART removal and takes extreme precautions to avoid the excessive exposure to mercury during the removal process. Simply removing a filling without these precautions places the patient, dentist, and staff at risk.

Our team take utmost care in protecting you, and everyone else in our office, during our safe mercury removal procedure. Amalgam fillings are still in use today by some dentists, but advancements in dental technology such as porcelain tooth-like fillings are a better alternative for patients seeking more aesthetically pleasing treatments.

If you have mercury amalgam fillings you would like to replace Dr. Crane, DMD can help.

Conscious Care Dental offers porcelain tooth fillings to replace old, mercury fillings and reduce the discoloration that the metallic solutions left behind. Porcelain dental fillings hold the tooth structure together, strengthening the teeth. Porcelain fillings offer patients metal-free restorative dentistry, which allows light to flow through and reflect off the teeth, leaving a more natural smile. Porcelain fillings match the color and shade of your teeth making them well-suited to use in restorations involving your front teeth or other visible parts of the teeth.

Digital X-rays​

We have some of newest, most accurate, and low radiation sensors on the market in our Greenacres, FL office. 

Digital X-rays are eco-friendly. They offer advanced diagnostic tool of uncovering any dental health issues with your teeth, gums and bones. You get more accuracy and improved image quality.


Root canal treatment with laser and ozone

The dental ozone gas we use can treat tooth surfaces, interior pulp and for holistic root canal treatments.

Ozone therapy is used in root canal treatments helps to kill bacteria, sterilize the canals chambers and to stimulate faster healing.

Our ozone therapy replaces traditional approaches and allows patients the option of non-invasive treatments.

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Non-surgical, anti-infective periodontal treatment​

Treatment options for periodontal disease range from the toothbrush to surgery. In our biologically oriented practice, we try to create conditions that stop the disease process.  It comes down to two strategies: 

1. Reduce the bacterial load, by cleaning teeth and killing the germs 

2. Making sure the body is well enough nourished to support the continual healing that must take place in the gum tissues.